Why Do You Need A Locksmith?

The locksmith trade has existed, in some form, thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians created a simple pin tumbler lock out of wood. Since then the locksmith industry has transformed and evolved. Today, locks are typically made from metal and when installed properly they can provide a great deal of security.

Locksmiths are known for solving a wide variety of key related problems. Most professional locksmiths can gain entry through a locked door without causing any damage to the door or lock. A locksmith will also be able to service or repair existing hardware that you have, prolonging its life and reducing waste. A locksmith typically has the tools to properly install new hardware, like knobs, deadbolts, and hinges, to your home or business.

Like most technology, locks and physical security are moving into the digital age. Metal blade keys are becoming a thing of the past, new locks allow you to use your phone, a pin code, or even a fingerprint as a key. In commercial settings it is becoming more common to use RFID enabled ID badges or fobs to gain access through entry doors. All this technology is, in most cases, allowing users to have real-time information and peace of mind in the security of their property.

The newer generations strive to have instant gratification and technology is allowing that to become a reality. Some of the late model vehicles come with apps that allow you to remotely secure your doors, raise and lower your windows, and in some instances start the vehicle. With so much emphasis on technology, how can a locksmith help?

A highly trained locksmith will have the tools and experience to make repairs and recommendations to secure your valuables and property. Locksmiths that have adapted and evolved with the technology will know and understand the applications, biometric locking devices, and high security measures you are looking for.

Irmo Lock Company has the tools, experience, and the staff to handle the growing demand for technology. We have a 30-year reputation of getting the job done right the first time.

Come by our shop or give us a call and set up an appointment, we would love to be a part of your physical security plan.