2020 Hasn’t Been The Year Anyone Expected

Don’t worry we are still open, and we have no plans to change that. No one knew we would be talking about a global pandemic shutting down the world at the beginning of 2020, but here we are. What does all of this mean for small businesses?

We, as a nation, are in unprecedented times right now. The leaders of our government have made decisions that, before now, were never considered. Executive orders and large spending bills are being passed, not just on a federal level, but also at a state and local level. Medical services of all kinds are being overwhelmed with patients and shortages of protective equipment. Small businesses of all categories are feeling the stress as well. In several states and municipalities, non-essential businesses are being required to close their doors to prevent the spread of this terrible virus.

Most small businesses don’t have a residual stream of money coming in. Many service industry businesses stop making money when the phone stops ringing. Restaurants and small shops stop making money when their customers stop coming in to purchase the items they sell. The unintended consequences of stay at home orders, is the burden that is placed on small businesses.

Small businesses are the driving force behind our economy in the United States. Large corporations rely on small businesses to provide them with materials and services. Many small businesses sell their products on websites like Amazon.com and through other large retailers and distributors. When small businesses are shut down this will cut off the supply chain for everyone.

The employees of these small businesses are on edge every day wondering if they will continue to have a job. Some small businesses have cash on hand to handle a small shut down and continue to pay employees, however, many do not. Employees are going to be out of work and either dip into savings or rely on government subsidies like unemployment to make up their losses.

Businesses are trying to adapt to a world without customers, they are moving to sell their products online, they are pushing delivery, and some are relying on mobile door to door style services. Small businesses don’t intend to be annoying with their constant ads and posts, but mass marketing is the last bit of hope that many small businesses have to stay afloat. How we connect with customers will change forever because of this situation. It’s more of the unintended consequences of decisions that our leaders must make that will shape our nation moving forward. Be patient with businesses as they figure out how to navigate this new normal.

Irmo Lock Company created a mobile business model several years ago, this aspect of our business has allowed us to stay in front of the problem and maintain work even when others around us are coming to a stall. We will remain open at full capacity for as long as we are legally allowed. Irmo Lock Company has been around for over 30 years on a reputation of doing what we promise for the price we promised. Our company has survived many economic downturns because of our loyal customer base. We wouldn’t be here today without your support. We ask that you please continue to support all local small businesses so that we can all do our part to keep our economy going!